Family & Friend Caregivers

Family and friends provide the majority of support needed by older Minnesotans. 0nly 10% of Minnesota’s long-term care is provided in facilities. This unpaid care is valued at $8.2 billion in Minnesota alone.

"Caregiving" is simply helping another person who needs care or support due to a chronic condition or disability. Is this you?

Caregiving tasks can come on gradually or suddenly. Caregiving can be rewarding but challenging. While family and friends report satisfaction, personal growth, and purpose, caregiving can increase stress, anxiety, and put your own health at risk.

Planning for caregiving is key. Help is available in the community. Having a plan can help reduce stress and manage the care.

Family and Friends ToolkitHelp is available in many forms
To get started with caregiving, download the Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA) Caregiver Resource Booklet.

See also the MBA Caregiver Resource Guide (a full version of the booklet).

Are you juggling work with caregiving and family?
See the MBA Work & Caregiving: Finding Balance (Spanish) brochure for more information  

Are you caring for a family member or friend with Alzheimer’s disease?
See the Alzheimer’s Association website for more information.

Is it time to conduct a family meeting?
See the MBA Family Meeting brochure for more information.

Take Care of Yourself
Taking care of a family member or friend can be stressful, no matter how much you want to do it. Not only can caregiving be stressful, research shows that you are more likely to postpone your own health and wellness needs when caring for another person. Click here for tips on taking care of yourself.

See the Family and Friends Toolkit for more information.