Compare Costs

Reviewing costs can help you make decisions about where to live when needing help.  Compare the cost of assisted living or a nursing home care to the cost of living at home with services and supports.  Where do you want to live, what kind of help do you need, and where can you afford to live?  

Cost of Assisted Living Care or Nursing Home Minnesota

  • Private Pay Costs for Long-Term Care Services/Supports 
  • Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey for the median (50% are above and 50% are below the stated rate) cost of long-term care data for any state.
  • MetLife Mature Market Institute Market Survey of Long-Term Care Cost for the average cost of care data.  Type "survey of long-term care costs" in the Search field and select the market survey for the latest year.
  • For a better cost estimate obtain a detailed price list from the provider you are considering.  Learn about the cost of rent and all services charged by the housing provider and the licensed home care provider. There could be fees for being on a waiting list, rides, various ammenities, medication support, nursing care, housekeeping, etc.

Costs for Living at Home With Help

  • Use the Automated Monthly Expense Cost Calculator below to determine your monthly expenses while living at home. Print the PDF.


Monthly Expense Cost Calculator

Enter your monthly expenses below to find out how much living in your home costs.

Mortgage or rent: $
Other home costs such as taxes or dues: $
Utilities: $
Food: $
Home repair & lawn/yard help: $
Laundry help: $
Other indoor help such as cleaning: $
Health or personal care help: $
Car or other rides: $
Other: $

Living in your home with help can cost less than living in a nursing home or assisted living. Learn how to buy help and make a spending plan.