Memory Concerns

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Memory loss is challenging. Finding the help you need when you need it can be stressful. Caregiver consultants have special training in memory loss and are available to help you in person or over the phone. 

Memory support services for caregivers and those with memory loss can reduce stress and offer you and your family many benefits. It’s a long journey, so taking care of yourself is important. 

A caregiver consultant will…

  1. Help you assess your situation
  2. Discuss  your concerns
  3. Help you and your family understand memory loss, including Alzheimer’s
  4. Help you find useful services
  5. Be there whenever you need help

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Some questions and concerns that you might have:

How do I know if it’s Alzheimer’s?


I’m worried about my finances, what should I do? 

How do I involve my family?

How do I cope with problems with behaviors?

How can I take care of myself?


Are there any resources available?


Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota/North Dakota




  • African Americans Against Alzheimer’s: Our goal is to engage and connect a network of individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to mobilize the energy of African Americans in advocacy efforts that advance our national commitment to ending Alzheimer’s.