Services and Supports

There are many professionals working with older and family caregivers ready to help you. Consider these: 

Live Well at Home Providers  -- trained in aging issues, the 4-step process, a wide range of services and supports for managing risk factors, and local resources for community living. Use the 4-step process to manage risk factors and get connected to services and supports. 

Senior LinkAge Line®  -- is a Monday-Friday statewide call center with trained professionals ready to discuss your needs, answer your questions, connect you to local services and resources, and advise you on Medicare coverage and other public programs. 1-800-333-24331-800-333-2433 or email them at®  -- a large on-line database of statewide services and supports for living in the community including rides, meals, chores, senior companion, personal cares, etc., and help for Veterans.

Find a Professional -- There are many professionals working with older and family caregivers ready to help you. 

Personal Care Services

Personal care assistants (PCA’s) provide services to people who need help with everyday activities in order to be more independent in their home. 

Personal care assistants provide care in four areas:

  • Activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, bathing, mobility, and positioning
  • Health-related functions
  • Instrumental activities of daily living, such as planning and preparing meals, managing finances, shopping for essential items, performing household chores, communicating with others, getting around the neighborhood, and participating in the community. 
  • Redirection and intervention for behavior, including observation and monitoring

Programs to help pay for PCA services are administered by the Minnesota Department of human Services. 

Home Care Services/Volunteer Organizations

Depending on your income, there may be help available to pay for services to remain at home.  Costs for services vary by agency.  You can also hire people to help you in your home.  Home care services are available in most communities as are volunteer organization with nurses who are available to check in regularly.  Home care providers are required to be licensed.  Medicare A or B may pay for some of the home care services you receive.  For services to be paid by Medicare, the provider must be a Medicare certified home care provider. 

Homemaker and Chore Services

Homemaker services assist with lighter household chores that are needed, such as dusting and laundry.  Many times, agencies that offer homemaker services also help with preparing meals and running errands.  There are fees for these services, which vary, but most agencies charge an hourly fee.  Services can be set up for routine scheduled visits and can be used in homes or apartments. 

Chore services help people with the maintenance and repair of the home.  Raking leaves, mowing the lawn, and shoveling snow are common examples of the types of chore services.  Often, small repairs and heavier household chores, such as window washing, are offered as well.  As with homemaker services, agencies usually charge a fee, or ask for a donation for the work that is provided. 


Someone living at home may have questions about how they will make it to the grocery store, doctor appointments or other outings.  There are options for transportation.  The best way to find transportation options is to go to ®.

This webpage from MNDOT shows public transit providers by county.

When contacting a transportation agency consider the following:

  • What is the cost of the service?
  •  How is the service paid for?
  • Is there someone available to help with walking to and getting into the vehicle or is no additional assistance offered?
  • How far will the vehicle drive?  Will the company provide transportation to another city or county if an appointment is in this location? 
  • Is it medical transportation only or does it include grocery shopping and visits to the shopping mall? 
  • What information is needed to schedule a ride? 


Senior Linkage Line is a One-Stop-Shop for Minnesotan Older Adults. Specialist are standing by Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.  Call 1-800-333-2433 or visit