Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) is a program helping veterans live at home when at risk of moving permanently to a nursing home. 

Older Adult Couple with American FlagWhat is VD-HCBS?

  • A flexible service option with a budget and assistance with directly employing workers.
    • You chose what help, supplies, and equipment you need.
    • You chose who you want to provide your help -- including employing family members, friends, and neighbors.
    • You chose when you get your help.
    • You can get help writing your plan and budget, and with making payments on your behalf.  

    Minnesota's VD-HCBS Program is a partnership between the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging, Sioux Falls Veterans Health Care System, and the Minnesota Board on Aging.  Contact Elaine Spain 1-800-450-5643 or espain@rndc.org to learn more.

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